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Configure Nearchive as a nearline archive with HDDs or a long term archive with tape or optical libraries.

  • Use the Nearchive as a short term cache, parking assets until archived. Generally HDD storage would be used to accomplish this. However tape or optical libraries can be used. An example would be when archive decisions are not made immediately, all content ingested should be nearchived until a decision can be made what to archive or a time based policy expires.

  • Nearchive content using an automatically expiring term, users can save all content on external storage using a time based first-in, first-out policy. This workflow is common in news environments where all content should be kept for a period of time such as 3 or 6 months. That period being the useful life of the content. Specific pieces of content will likely be sent to a long term archive while all content recorded might have a more limited shelf life. Nearchive can implement this short term first-in first-out policy automatically. With NLT's AutoIngest Direct product all ingested content can automatcially be sent to the Nearchive where it can be kept until needed or the expiration date occurs.

  • Nearchive can also be used with library systems for long term archival, libraries such as the Sony PetaSite Optical Disc Library or many other LTO libraries are supported. Using a library system allows content to be archived with a shelf life up to 50 years. Nearchive asset management is accomplished using Interplay Access which provides a simple right click mechanism for asset storage or retrieval. Nearchive retrieves the selected content and restores it to Interplay/ISIS, it does not matter if the media is on HDD, tape or optical disk.

Documentation and Installers

Nearchive Server Manual Nearchive Server Administrator Reference Guide (PDF)
Nearchive Access Stand Alone Tool Nearchive Access User Guide (PDF)
Nearchive "Right Click Menu" for Avid Interplay Access Nearchive Access Plugin User Guide (PDF) Download Installer
Then open the .bat file